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Eilis Boyle

Eilis Boyle

For her 10th collection Eilis Boyle forsook the traditional catwalk presentation and commissioned Aisling Farinella & Richard Gilligan to produce a video of her work. We were asked to design and light the exhibition to launch the video.

The challenge was to, within a single room, light half a dozen pieces, several oversize photographic prints and maintain the least possible amount of ambient light so as not to take from the video which was being projected against one wall on a continuous loop.

The pieces themselves had really strong textures and by using hand made spot lights created with black out cinefoil elements of the delicate patterns were brought out in the form of shadow play.

The hanging system we had previously developed for the IGI ‘Laundry’ show whereby we created a set of weightless invisible ‘tracks’ 3m above the floor. The tracks consist of 0.5mm nylon chord maintained in tension through simple eyelet and counterweight system and with any potential sag in the lines is controlled through the mass of cement blocks.

The wonderful movie produced by Aisling & Rich can be found here.

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