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Collaborative Processes Talk in The Lab

The Lab Asked us to Talk

The Lab is a purpose built arts facility in Dublin City which includes Gallery, Rehearsal studios and the City’s Arts Offices.

We we’re invited by Orla Whelan Artist and Sheena Barret Curator to make a structural intervention for a show by Orla; “In Paint; In Teeth; In Mountains; In Stars”.

As part of the exhibition program we were then invited to present our recent collaborative work in the context of our studio practise.

Ten years ago we completed our first project together and in 2007 we established a partnership in the creative hub of South Studios [Dublin 8] with the tenet of devoting 1 day a week to those self-directed, multidisciplinary projects that had origianally inspired us to work together.

Now are practise has become defined by collabirative processes and the varierty of our work. In addition to various residential and commercial architecture projects we have prodeuced furniture, designed and built exhibition designs, video, photography and garden installations.

In this talk we preented projects with and for artists, photographers, film makers, fashion designers and craftsmen and the work processes engaged with.

The Video of the Talk is 44 minutes long and was shot and edited by Jenny Brady.

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Collaborative Processes Talk in The Lab

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