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ABSOLUT confessional

Installation for Short Film Screening

‘there’s no “right way” or “wrong way”, there’s just the way that feels right’
– Spike Jonze

Two canted boxes sit on light square section stainless steel structures. These frames are one metre high allowing the viewer to bend down and step in to either of the boxes. There are no doors or screens, so people remain visible from the outside from the waist down.

The boxes are mirrored internally, externally and sit on a mirrored floor, if one looks in any direction one sees infinite reflections. This effect is counterpointed by the fact that the space inside each box is less than one metre cubed, i.e. an ephemeral tardis effect. The mirrored floor surface aligns with adjacent pillars so the frames appear to float over a large void. Passers by also become involved as their reflections appear on the external surface in an exquisite corpse effect.

We were commissioned by Absolut Vodka in association with lecool Dublin to create an installation to accompany the Dublin screening of the Spike Jonze movie “I’m Here”.

The form of the installation was conceived as 2 structures kissing. And as we developed the idea of the diary room so we straightened the forms and reimagined the structure as a more formal engagement of two forms sharing a quite word or of one confessing to another. It was a simple step to call the installation ‘Absolut Confessional’

Director, Editor and Cameraman Mr Paul Mahon was one set of legs for the evening in order to create this video.

ABSOLUT + Le Cool Dublin Present : I’M HERE from mrpaulmahon on Vimeo.

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