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In The Fold

This demountable structure in red deal, slate and powder coated aluminium was designed to display a showcase of Irish fashion design talent for the 4th International Fashion Showcase hosted by the British Fashion Council during London Fashion Week February 2015.

LEGO Hall Table

LEGO hall table including drawer and side lamp.


Wormery We’ve been keen vermiculture enthusiasts for a number of years and have can o’ worms set up at our homes and in the car park behind our office – we feed the worms with our kitchen organic waste and they create highly fertile soil and liquid fertilizer. The problem is that the bins are […]


Our piece takes the structure and rules of the children’s string game Cat’s Cradle and develops them into a garden pavilion, a landscape design and the furniture within.


TANKCOLLECTIVE are working with Culture Night, HWCH & Openhouse to re-engage people with their local phone booths by providing Art Installations and Freephone audioguides to the festivals in association with eircom.

In Paint; in Teeth; in Mountains; in Stars.

Collaborative project with Artist Orla Whelan for an exhibition in The Lab, Dublin.

Absolut Mode

Our 2nd project working with stylist/curator/creative director Aisling Farinella; exhibition design for Absolut.

Eilis Boyle

The challenge was to, within a single room, light half a dozen pieces, several oversize photographic prints and maintain the least possible amount of ambient light so as not to take from the video which was being projected against one wall on a continuous loop.

Trade Show Stand

A collaborative project with Renate Henschke of Made for you by Arms

Portable Screening Room

This demountable screening room was installed in the Irish Museum of Modern Art, the Grand Canal Theatre and the Memorial Gardens Housing scheme in Kilmainham.

ABSOLUT confessional

‘Confessional’ has one simple premise: to provide a scenario for vox populi where that the visual is as engaging as the aural.

Nathair Nimhe

The concept came from the combination of the size of the art work in relation to the large exhibition space, and our observations about how the public engage with art, and each other, in a gallery.


Take some Swedish pine board, drill 1261 holes in its face, stuff them full of hand painted golf tees in a 30mm three dimensional grid and see if it winces.

Pallet Chair

An exhibition from last October’s Design Week Dublin had left us with a pile of discarded pallets, so we decided to have a go at making a small arm chair.


Occasionally we go off road. The thought started out as the idea that a typical Architectural plan drawing is a total abstraction of the finished building – to anyone without experience of reading drawings it gives little idea of the nature of the finished space.