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From the Ground Up (235 words)

now what? is a series of multi-disciplinary public conversations & workshops. The entire initiative is to operate as a think-tank and run on a voluntary basis. Gearoid has been working with one of the now what? work groups called ‘From the ground up’ since July.  Lead by Architects Anne Gorman and Matt Shelton & Artist Michelle Browne, ‘from ground up’ the idea is that local community should be allowed have an input into planning & development of the areas they live in. The group a working towards developing a Planning permission or template document to allow local group0s make formal submissions to local authorities with a specific relation to public space. Taking a small underused section of park along the Slang river in Dublin’s Windy Arbour for development of the template the objectives of the group include assembling site analysis to include, social, historical and architectural data, propose architectural ideas for the site and make an installation in the space itself. ‘From the ground up’ have also used Dunlaoghaire Rathdown County Councils own research questionnaires as a tool to accumulate data & the groups work is intended on being complimentary to the Local Authorities ongoing Survey and Audit of public of all public space. ‘From the ground up’ will be making a presentation to the Windy Arbour community in September with a publication plus a public exhibition due this Autumn as part of ‘no what?’.


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