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In The Fold

This demountable structure in red deal, slate and powder coated aluminium was designed to display a showcase of Irish fashion design talent for the 4th International Fashion Showcase hosted by the British Fashion Council during London Fashion Week February 2015.


Wormery We’ve been keen vermiculture enthusiasts for a number of years and have can o’ worms set up at our homes and in the car park behind our office – we feed the worms with our kitchen organic waste and they create highly fertile soil and liquid fertilizer. The problem is that the bins are […]

IMMATATE/Monster Truck

We were asked the question what is art? for this exhibition in Monster Truck which was part of the programme for Dublin’s Fringe Theatre Festival ’08. Cheekily titled Immatate after Dublin and London’s modern art galleries the show was curated by Colm MacAthlaoich and Brian Coldrick. A variety of work was exhibited by artists-for-the-day from the worlds of graphic design, musical instrument construction and rug design.