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abgc are based in South Studios, a creative hub, comprising a variety of freelancers including, Fashion Stylists, Photographers, Graphic Designers, Illustrators and Publishers.

South Studios combines office space, with photography studios and exhibition spaces totalling about 14,000 sq.ft.

abgc’s working environment provides direct access to a range of other skill sets and leads to collaborative projects and commissions in both their architecture and design work. The project for the Irish Blood Transfusion Service was developed with Sean and Yvette photography, an exhibition installation for fashion designer Eilis Boyle was developed with stylist Aisling Farinella.

The studio space has also allowed abgc develop a construction workshop where the team build specific projects and develop ideas for all aspects of their work. The Lego table for ‘boys and girls’ and screening room originally for the Irish artist Clodagh Emoe, which was installed in both IMMA and the Grand Canal Theatre, were both built in-house.

In 2007, South Studios was founded by Clíona O’Flaherty and Yvette and Sean from seanandyvette photography on the top floor of 27 New Row South.

The idea behind the formation of South Studios was to create and interesting and functional work environment for freelance creatives and also to offer a large studio rental facility for photographers, film-makers and designers working in Dublin.

27 New Row South is a c170 year old building sited on the Poddle River (it runs under our carpark) , it forms part of Dublin’s relatively inconspicuous Industrial Heritage which dates back to the middle ages. It originally the home of the City of Dublin Brewing Company and part of a complex of distillery buildings, now mainly converted to apartments. The last century saw its development as a tannery as part of Dublin’s Jewish community which was extensive in Dublin 8 in the 1950s.
By 1975 the premises were being used by the current occupants, P.A. Stapleton & Son, as a wholesale distribution centre.

The history and original features such as Victorian beams and period windows give the building immense character, making it a very creative space to work and shoot in.

Over the centuries Blackpitts has become the home for every faith and persuasion from the Hugonauts and Jews to Quakers, Distilleries to Tanneries and more. It’s part of Dublin’s Liberties (actually the Liberty of St. Thomas) and has been an Industrial area since the mid 17th Century, which predates the development of the docklands. We’re right beside the Coombe and Meath St but fortunately far from penny apples.

It’s still one of the least developed parts of the city centre, and there’s an industrial undertone, substantially working class community which is complimented by cheap space and entrepreneurial activity.

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